Top 5 free Android games of 2019

free Android games of 2019

Do you love playing games on your smartphone? Do you like challenges and games that test your mental agility and thinking ability? There are so many games available on the play store, but you should look only for the best free Android games that suit your temperament and pose some challenges.

We will help you to find out the best free android games that you can download and play. Through these games, you can get entertainment, and you may get a mood lift. Over the years, the preference of the kids especially has changed. Even, the elders love playing games on their smartphones and hence the demand for creative new games is on the rise. People all over the world keep on looking for new games on the play store.

There are numerous best free Android games available that are based on a unique concept and provide fantastic adventure to the users. These games provide entertainment or free, and the fantastic graphics are a treat to watch.

Let up see which are some of the free best Android games of 2019 as per the rank and what are the features that have made them so popular all over the world. 

Let’s get into the detail of these best free Android games:-


Love is important as well as the trickiest part of our lives and most of the people do face some issues in their love lives. Rise in Love is one of the best free Android games that gives its users a great visual experience, and hence, they can forget their love issues for a while. Rise in Love has been designed in an amazing way, and it depicts a nice love triangle between Jetpack Boy, David & Daisy.

The Dave protects Daisy (His beloved!), and the Jetpack boy tries to woo Daisy by showering gifts and love. The Rise in Love is all about the tussles that Dave faces when he is trying to protect his love Daisy from the Jetpack boy. The astounding features of this great game are the challenges and problems, the beautiful Arena, and the catchy graphics. The Rise in Love has different levels, and you can control the same through one touch. The cherry on the cake is that it is extremely easy to play the game.

The level of the difficulty increases as you move up in this game. When you begin playing Rise in Love, it feels incredible. So are you game to get that feeling! You will get loads of entertainment, so go ahead and download this amazing app now. See you at the battleground of Love!


It is a game filled with a lot of adventure & mystery, and hence you will enjoy the same. It is a top-notch game that gives its users a next-gen experience. The graphics catch your eyes, and they are filled with mysterious elements.

This game is so good & popular that it has been used by Netflix as a promotion tool. The basic plot of this game is that the four children go missing as the police chief of Hawkins, Jim hopper is being informed about the same at late night hours. As Jim starts his investigation, the story starts building up from there. The simple tap control system is something strange and makes it one of the best free android games.

This game is very easy to use and can be downloaded for free. You need to be curious to solve the puzzle and prompt to take action, and then you would enjoy the game. The cherry on the cake about this game is that No in-app purchases and ads are allowed in this game. If you want to enjoy this game, play at night time so that you can enjoy the amazing visual graphic actions.


This app is still going great guns even after the four years of the launch. If you want to hunt the Pokémon, go ahead and explore your city. Augmented reality forms the basis of this amazing game. You have to get out and catch the wild Pokémon by looking for him. At times you may have to collect Poke Balls! There is a recent feature that has been added, which is called the trainer battle. It helps to combat the pals by the Pokémon. It is one of the most popular Android game, and even the simple features are very popular.

The Pokémon must be caught to accomplish the Pokedex! You can travel along with your Pal Pokémon to make him robust. You may collaborate with other trainers during the raid battles to catch hold of the strong Pokémon.

You should not wait for any more, download this fantastic game to get an amazing experience. 


Perhaps the most popular game in recent times! There are 100 players that are placed in front of each other. It is an exciting game that is armed with vehicles, Tactical gears, weapons, and the same boost the Adrenalin level. There are two options to play this game wither as a team member or as a single player. In both cases, the user has to combat the enemy.

One of the features that stand out in this best free Android game is the support of the Bluetooth controller. There are no errors in the touch control as well, and the developers of this game have taken the pains to make it user-friendly and easy to use. The users get a great gaming experience which improves over time. This game is absolutely free, and users can choose different game modes as per their choice.

So, are you going to be a solo warrior or join any team? Download this fantastic best free Android game of 2019!


This one of the best free Android games of 2019 is a real entertainer! One of the smoothest games on the play store and the latest version is much better. There are marbles and power-ups in each section of this game to help the users to continue with the game. More than two marbles can be fired if the marble crystals are being hit without the miss.

If you like this gameplay style and the graphic design of this developer, you must try out another brilliant game from the same developer called PINOUT.

Go ahead and download this best free Android game from the given below link:-

There it is! You must have seen so many Android games so far. However, these are the cherry-picked best free Android games, and you can satisfy your urge to play mobile games by picking the game of your choice. However, one game that should not be missed is the Rise in Love. It is challenging as well as exciting and will keep you on your toes. Go ahead and download this fantastic and easy to play app for an experience that you have never had before.

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